Appalachian Trail: Virginia and West Virginia

Hiker faces a row of mountains on the appalachian trail

Chris has been joined on the Appalachian Trail by his son for the past 140 miles or so.  This week they reached Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, which is essentially halfway for Chris.  This part of the trail is very close to our house in northern Virginia, so I was able to go pick them up and bring them home so they could each do a few days of administrative tasks.  His son has just been accepted to college so there is lots of paperwork involved in that, and Chris needed to pack up his closet and office in preparation for our move coming up.  And, happily, I was able to get pictures off of both their cameras and post some images from this section of the trail.  Today after work I’ll be driving them back out to Harper’s Ferry, and they will continue their hike north.  Mike hopes to get 500 miles in on the trail, and I will meet up with Chris in June after I finish this school year.

Spring in Northern Virginia

Not a lot of travel yet this year- I’ve been sticking closer to home.  I’ve been busy though!  In March I ran a half marathon, the DC Rock and Roll Half.  Then a week later I visited family and friends in Texas for a week, and then flew back to Virginia, and welcomed Chris home two days later.  We bought a new convertible and have been tooling around in that enjoying the nice spring weather.  We hopped over to West Virginia last weekend and did some mountain hiking and enjoyed the area around Berkeley Springs.  The trees are in bloom and it’s a great time of year up here.  So happy to be able to spend it together!