Housesitting in Monterrey, Mexico

Deah and Chris in Monterrey Mexico

For Thanksgiving week, Chris and I got to experience travel with a twist: we went as certified housesitters and cared for a cat while her owner was away. We’ve been members of the website Trusted Housesitters for a year now, and we finally found a gig that would match up with our schedule, plus a place we wanted to visit.

Although we could have flown from our home airport of Austin, there were cheaper and more direct flights from Continue reading “Housesitting in Monterrey, Mexico”

El Salvador and Honduras

Deah in Copan Honduras sign

We’ve been through the El Salvador airport several times, but never actually visited the country itself, so we decided on El Salvador and Honduras for our winter break (number 92 for me, and 130 and 131 for Chris). Not really interested in Continue reading “El Salvador and Honduras”

June 2007- Honduras, Guatemala, Belize

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June 2007- Honduras, Guatemala, Belize
School finally ended and it’s time for summer vacation! Kathleen and Kristen left by plane for the US on the same day that Sierra and I left for Continue reading “June 2007- Honduras, Guatemala, Belize”