Monaco in One Day

picture frame monaco yachts harbor

Monaco is the second-smallest microstate in Europe, but is still the most densely-populated country in the world- is it possible to visit for just one day and see it all? Of course not. But you can see the highlights, even if you’re on a budget. Here’s how.

The Port of Monaco

Where to Stay

Unfortunately, Monaco does not have very many budget hotels. The Hotel Forum, literally on the border of France and Monaco, Continue reading “Monaco in One Day”

It’s Summer Break! Backpacking Rome to Paris

Venice masks Italy

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Julianna and I had the best time in Europe!! It was such an amazing adventure and I am so glad that I was able to go. From the moment we met at the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy, all the way up to to the Eiffel Tower Paris, France, we shared some really great Continue reading “It’s Summer Break! Backpacking Rome to Paris”