June 2008 Cape Town and Etosha Game Park

Chris and Deah outside Etosha Game Park gate, Namibia

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Cape Town, South Africa—Etosha Game Park, Namibia

After a really, really long flight (24 hours, via New York and Dakar), I arrived in Cape Town, South Africa.  I had pre-booked a hostel that included airport pickup, so I was picked up just after Customs and driven to my hostel.  On the way I got to see a little bit of the scenery as we entered the city, and of course, the famous Table Mountain.  I arrived at my hostel, the Sunflower Stop, and got all checked in, and went for a little walk down to the ocean to stretch out my legs and watch the sun set.  This was the farthest south in the southern hemisphere I had ever been- and although it wasn’t freezing cold, it was definitely “winter” time here, even though it had been high summer when I left Texas the day before! Continue reading “June 2008 Cape Town and Etosha Game Park”