Free flight to Europe? Sign me up!

Deah in front of small plane in Haiti

With vacation time quickly approaching, C and I wanted to nail down our destination so we could start planning our next trip. The first thing we did was check our various accounts and see if some of our “points”, “miles”, and “rewards” were doing some serious accruing.

So many rewards programs to choose from….

And it turned out, they were. We’ve been flying on United Airlines or their partners off and on for several years, and I had over Continue reading “Free flight to Europe? Sign me up!”

What constitutes a country visit?

map of the world with pins in places visited

I recently read an article in the Washington Post travel section about one couple’s trip around the world to “five countries, one island city-state and a former British colony administered by China” (click here for article).  It got me thinking about not only what counts as a “country”, but also what constitutes a “visit” to that country. Continue reading “What constitutes a country visit?”