Eight Tips for Thailand

buddha statue head in tree roots ayutthaya thailand chiang mai

Thinking of Visiting Thailand? Follow these eight tips to make sure you make the most of your visit!



Visit the hot springs waterfall and the Emerald pools- lovely and refreshing!

There are tons of things to do in Krabi- you won’t have time to see them all!


Spend New Year’s Eve on Patong Beach with 6,000 other people, setting off fireworks and paper lanterns.

New Year’s Eve at Phuket Beach

Semilan Islands

Go on an over night tent camping trip to the uninhabited islands in the Andaman Sea. Didn’t bring a tent? You can rent one here, no problem.

blue water at Similan Islands Thailand
Semilan Islands

Night train to Bangkok

Take the train! My number one favorite way to travel long distances. Thai trains are comfortable, fast, and there are plenty of them.

Thai Trains
Night Train


See the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha. Eat street food. Hello, mango sticky rice and pad Thai and avocado shakes and hot tea with sweetened condensed milk.  Mmmmm. From the train market to the night market, you will find so much food, and at such great prices.


Visit the ancient capital of Siam, sacked by the Burmese in 1767.

Chiang Mai

The “Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is home to Thai boxing and stupas and yoga studios galore

Thai Boxing
Muay Thai Boxing

Chiang Rai

The futuristic and weird White Palace is not to be missed

And there’s more! So much more to Thailand. It would be impossible to list everything here. But this is a good start.

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