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Washington DC

All too often we forget to sightsee in our own town. Lucky for me, I live near our nation’s capital, and so I have been able to sightsee with both sets of parents when they visited, my friend Amber, and now my sister and two of her kids when they visited the week of the Fourth. We had a blast and I got to see some old sights and a few new ones.

Sisters in DC!

I picked them up from Reagan airport just over the river from DC, so we were able to see a few monuments on a quick drive along the lovely Potomac. The kids were tired after traveling all day, so we went back to Reston and grabbed dinner at my favorite little lake, Thoreau, and watched the ducks.

Sunset in Reston

The next day we did all the monuments and statues west of the Washington Monument. Lincoln. Einstein. Martin Luther King, Jr. FDR. Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. And a glimpse of the Jefferson. After being in the sun all day, we were ready for some inside action, so we drove back to Reston and visited the Udvar Hazy Air and Space museum. Very cool stuff, and the kids liked the tie in to the transformers movie.

The next day was DC east. The other air and space, the botanic gardens and conservatory, and the Capitol building, then a quick look into the Library of Congress. Yay! Finally a ride on the carousel at the Smithsonian castle. After cooling off at home, we saw Maleficent at the movie theater.

The next day the kids and their mom took the metro in, and got to see the Spy Museum, the National Archives, and then the National Cemetery. Whew!
And then the last day, we visited Mt Vernon. Amazing house and grounds. Mr Washington was certainly a fascinating person. On the way back to the airport we drove through old town Alexandria. A cute little place!

Only a week to go and then I’ll be starting my big trip!

Next post: Appalachian Trail, Connecticut- Maine.









One thought on “Washington DC

  1. Deah,

    I just read your Maine, eastern Canada and Africa blogs. Loved reading about and enjoying your travels vicariously. I will be watching for the next around the world segments. Have a wonderful trip!



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