Arizona November 2013

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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It was cool getting to go see the Grand Canyon as an adult, and also revisiting places in Arizona I hadn’t been in ten years.  Also great to see Nicole and her family.  Chris and I flew out for Thanksgiving weekend and arrived in Phoenix on Tuesday night.  We caught up with Nicole and Mark, and the next morning we did a little Phoenix exploring- Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West- and then the Montezuma Castle National Park.  Then we headed up 89A and visited the canyons of Sedona and all the cool rock formations such as coffeepot rock, Cathedral rock, Courthouse Butte, etc, as well as the Chapel of the Holy Cross- is there a prettier chapel in America?- and my favorite bridge, Midgely Bridge, spanning Oak Creek Canyon.  We stayed up on Airport Mesa at a little place called Sky Ranch Lodge, an absolute gem.  Had a fantastic meal right next door at the Airport Grill.

Thursday we drove through Flagstaff and then on to the Grand Canyon, where we spent the day hiking around the rim and riding the bus.  What a grand vista.  It is truly mind boggling to think of time and the elements on that kind of scale.

The next day,we spent the morning around Sedona, and then we took the long way back to Phoenix, passing through Jerome and Prescott and other little towns, winding up back at Nicole’s in time to have Thanksgiving leftovers and chat with them.  It was a great weekend and a lovely look at some of Arizona’s finest features.

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