A surprise return to Khartoum

Going Away, Grad party , Khartoum Sudan

In a surprise twist, I went back to Khartoum to do some emergency substitute work.  The day I arrived, Tina had a Halloween/birthday party, so I got to be a surprise guest!  It was a great reunion with my Khartoum colleagues and friends.

While I was there, the fall weather was beautiful and we were able to take a few boat trips on the Nile, have a hash on Tuti Island (at the confluence of the Nile Rivers), attend the Caledonian Ball with Joy and our friend Patrick, and go to several parties.  Oh, and work! I taught middle school geography and high school geography, and since there wasn’t a teacher apartment available, I lived in a hotel just down the street from the school. Twice a week, I went to yoga with Melanie, one of the new art teachers at the school.

on a nile river boat ride khartoum sudan
Joy and Deah on the Nile Boat Ride
three friends celebrating caledonian ball khartoum sudan
Deah and Patrick and Joy at the Caledonian Ball

The last night I was there, Chantal and I hosted a Going Away/Graduation party to celebrate my newly awarded Master’s Degree.  We partied hard on the roof of her apartment building, with all of my friends there to celebrate. At 2 am the party ended and it was time to get on the plane and return to Chad- just in time for Christmas!

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