January 2007 Back in Nicaragua, Selva Negra

girl on swing at selva negra nicaragua

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I had a wonderful time visiting everyone at home over the Christmas holidays. The gazillion hours of time spent with American Airlines finally paid off and I got a free ticket home. Kris picked me up from the airport (thanks!) and I quickly got back in the swing of things, hanging out with her, Mysti, Chris B, Hunter, Lance, and our other friends. The best thing about Christmas break was getting to play with baby Jack and hold him on my lap. It’s the best feeling ever. He’s so adorably cute. And Abby is at a great age, where she’s so bright and fun to play with.

My dad and step-mom and step-sister came in to town, so our first “Christmas dinner” was Mexican food from On the Border. No complaints here. My second Christmas dinner was lunch at our house on Christmas Eve Day. Mimi and Bob and the kids came over, and we exchanged presents. Abby won, hands down. The next day, I had Ken’s mom’s homemade Italian dinner over at their house, as I have for several years now. It was great having Ken home for the holiday, and even better, he’s moving back to Texas- any day now. Awesome.

A very relaxing break (thanks in large part to the really cool gift certificates from my sister to a relaxation gym). Hung out with the parents some, friends some. I loved seeing everyone!

Hunter left to go sailing in the Caribbean on the same day that Chris flew into town to see me. We enjoyed spending New Year’s together- as we had last year. He met my parents and sister, as well as Ken, Mysti, and Kris. Hunter was bummed because he was missing him. New Year’s Eve itself was quiet, just a new dress, an excellent sushi dinner, and then watching the festivities on tv at our hotel room with Ken, Mysti, and Chris B. I guess we are getting old. Breakfast the next morning at Cracker Barrel- can anything beat that?

At last it was time to go back to Managua- and while on layover at the Miami airport, I got the best Christmas present ever- an hour to catch up with Monica and Andy, the kids, and Lisa! The Port-au-Prince gate was right next to mine, and we sat and hugged and talked and it was great. I am really hoping to go visit them sometime next year- I would love to visit Haiti again.

Once back in Managua, we’ve just been settling in again. Kristen and I went to Selva Negra, a cool little retreat up in the more mountainous area of Nicaragua, where the weather is much cooler and rainier. Can’t wait to go back there when it starts getting totally hot here. It reminds me of The Lodge up in Furcy in Haiti.

The new president, Daniel Ortega, was inaugurated. Strange political leanings are unfolding, as he allies himself more with Chavez and Castro than the US. Great. Hopefully things won’t get too crazy around here. School started, the kids seem to be doing pretty well, fairly focused- and we’re in it for the long haul between now and Spring Break. Chris just left for Angola and is getting settled in there. We got to spend a quick weekend in Miami just before he left. South Beach, in January… nice. Hopefully we can meet again during my spring break- but for now, gotta get through the next nine weeks of work.

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