October 2006- A wedding and a baby in Texas

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I traveled home on Sept 28th for a quick trip to see baby Jack and to go to Mikey and Juliana’s wedding. I had a fabulous time. I took a Continental flight up through Houston on that Thursday and arrived at DFW at 2:30 pm. My friend Rick picked me up from the airport and I headed over to my parents’ house. I got to talk to them briefly and then Rick and I went over to my sister’s house, where I got to hug and hold my niece Abby and my new nephew, Jack. Luckily, my dad and step-mom were in town and so I got to see them too, which was really nice. We all went out to dinner and had my favorite, Spring Creek Barbeque. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

That night I met up with Kris and Mysti and Chris at No Frills Grill and talked with them. Afterwards, Kris and I walked over to Target to do a little shopping. We weren’t done gabbing with each other so then we drove down to Starbucks for a coffee. They closed and we still weren’t done gabbing so we sat in her car in the parking lot, talking for another hour.

I finally went home and I unpacked the box that Lisa and Andy had sent me from Haiti. At last, all my things! It was like Christmas, opening my box and sorting through my stuff. I had to make myself go to bed, because I knew Friday would be a busy day.

On Friday morning I drove over to my sister’s house in time to take Abby to pre-school and say goodbye to her. We hung out with little Jack until it was time for me to go to Chris and Mysti’s house at noon. I stopped by to say goodbye to my parents and grandmother, and met up with Chris and Mysti and Jude, for the ride down to Galveston Island for Mikey and Juliana’s wedding.

We drove down I-45, stopping in Centerville at Woody’s Smokehouse for some great barbeque. What a fantastic lunch! We hit Galveston before sunset and found our beach house that we were renting, along with Clif, Kelly, and Bryan Henry. It was really cool to have a beach house instead of hotel rooms. Ours is called “Eagle’s Nest“. We met up with our friends and went out to dinner. The rest of our gang was still busy at the rehearsal/dinner. We had dinner on a pier- Bryan and I shared a tuna steak and some veggies- and lots of beer. Later we all met up at the “Poop Deck”, a pretty gnarly old bar that I remembered from the last time I was in Galveston- could it be, almost ten years ago? In college with Aaron?

At the Poop Deck we met up with Hunter, Dave and Jade (expecting their first child soon), Julie Tapley, Paul and Allison, Mikey and his brother, Ricky, and some other friends. We all laughed a lot and told old stories and had fun together. Around midnight we drove over to the beach house that the bride, Juliana, was staying in, along with several of her family members. Their beach house was gorgeous, and in the same property development as ours and Hunter & co’s. I gave Juliana a big hug- she looked so happy and I got to meet her dad and brother and all her aunts, who brought cookies! Luckily for us, we were only one street away from our house, so we were able to walk home at some ungodly hour of the morning.

The next day, Saturday, we slept in at our house- me, Chris and Mysti, Jude, Bryan, and Cliff and Kelly. When we finally did awaken, we had Bloody Mary’s and Nicaraguan coffees and headed to the beach. We spent a couple of hours there, the girls reading and sunbathing, and Cliff and Jude catching fish in a net (which Misti and I kept throwing back in the water). When we got hungry we went back to our beach house and grilled sausages and hamburgers. We napped a while that afternoon and then it was time to get ready for the wedding. I always love seeing all my guy friends and girl friends all dressed up for our special events.

We got to the church at 6:55 and the wedding started right on time. Most of our pals were there, except Brooke and Ryan, whose baby is due any day, and Blake and Sarah, who I guess were staying home with their new baby. Even Steve and Tamara made it down, and Mike Simmons and his wife Kelly were there, and Bruce and Amy Tinch, and I saw Maggie and Jon Mosig (who hadn’t been out the night before). Mikey’s best men were Hunter, Dave, Paul, and his brother, with Jon as an usher. Juliana looked amazing…. I have never seen her prettier. What a fabulous dress. If I ever get married, I will have to ask her if I can borrow it. It was perfect on her.

The wedding was short- half an hour- and then we all went to the Hotel Galvez for the reception. I loved the table pieces- artichokes and pomegranates carved out with tea-lights in them. All of Juliana’s aunts had made cookies and these were placed on a table with Chinese take-out boxes so we could pack some up and take them home with us. We ate some good food, drank some wine, and danced some songs. Ricky complimented me on my two-step. When Juliana threw her bouquet, it landed in the chandelier! That was pretty funny. When the bride and groom left, we blew bubbles at them. They went upstairs, changed, and came downstairs for a carriage ride along the Seawall that Chris and Misti had bought for them. Most people left the reception at midnight but about 20 of us stayed, waiting for the couple to come back, and we stayed there until 2 am. I hadn’t been drinking since the reception ended, so I was going to drive a bunch of us home, but Paul’s car wouldn’t start, so we ended up taking a cab anyway. We had an after-party at Hunter, et al’s beach house, which lasted until dawn for some people.

Of course we slept in on Sunday, and meant to get down to the beach but never did. We had left-overs at our beach house- Bloody Mary’s and sandwhiches and cookies and chips, sausages and hamburgers from the day before. Finally it was time to go. Chris and Mysti stayed behind to help with Paul’s car, and Clif and Kelly and Bryan dropped me off at the Houston airport on their way north. I had a 4 pm flight and made it back to Managua at 6 pm.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures from the weekend and see Mikey and Juliana over Christmas break! Next up for me: more work and then a trip to Costa Rica to see Chris, and then my birthday at the end of the month….

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