January 2006 Back in Haiti

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Haiti continues down its path of general destruction, and we continue our lives here. The semester ended without a hitch and a new one began. Semester exams happened. Elections were scheduled for October, then November, then December, then January, and now for February 7th. The list of candidates has been narrowed down to 35 or so. The kidnappings continue and the UN are still being killed as well. We had a strike day in January, and it happened peacefully, but with no visible results. After two high-profile kidnappings over Christmas break (one of them a Union School mom), some of our families have left Haiti with their kids and gone to Miami. It seems like forever until our next break, Carnival, at the end of February, although we will most likely stay home from work on the day of elections.

I went home to Texas for almost two weeks for Christmas, stopping in Miami to get my bottom braces off (yea!!). I had just been home a month earlier (on the way to California) so I got to see all the family and friends again and do a little more shopping. Unfortunately my grandmother had to go into the hospital the day before Christmas Eve and she is still there, not doing real well. Abby is growing like a tree and enjoyed Christmas Day more than anyone (and got more presents, too!). What a spoiled brat! No, just kidding! She’s so adorable.

My friends were a bit divided on what to do on New Year’s Eve, so I broke the stalemate by deciding to go back to Haiti and spend it there. I had fun- shot fireworks off the roof, drank champagne, and wound up at a RAM concert at 1 am. On New Year’s Day I had the traditional Haitian pumpkin soup and recuperated most of the day in bed.

Today my roommate Lisa and I bought our tickets for Spring Break- it’s not for another 2 ½ months but the Air France flights fill up fast, so we decided to act quickly. We will be flying to Guadalupe, Martinique, and Dominica for our break and spending nine days there. And of course, the weekend before Spring Break, I have a trip home and Amber’s wedding to look forward to. Hopefully the semester will fly by!

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