August 2005: Home in Texas

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I returned home from Europe, and Julianna and I were picked up by Mikey from the airport. It was good to be home. I was so excited about seeing my mom and dad. I was so excited about getting some sleep. And not having to pay for every meal and look for a hostel every night. I got home and not fifteen minutes later Hunter was over at the house. I made him be the one to tell my mother he was taking me away for the Fourth of July weekend. Poor mom, she looked like she understood and said she’d see me sometime Monday or Tuesday.

Hunter and I drove out to Thurber, Texas (population five) and spent Friday night and Saturday night at our friend Rusty’s house with a bunch of our friends. Awesome time. We stayed up late, drank tons of beer, bar-be-qued about 10 chickens and 3 sides of brisket. We had a band play for us and we didn’t get out the pool for hours at a time. Finally on Sunay I had had enough and thought if I didn’t get some sleep I might die, so I was able to bribe mom and dad into driving from Weatherford out to Thurber to pick me up and take me home.

We spent the actual Fourth over at Kris Kiker’s house in Fort Worth, stood out on the lawn and watched the fireworks from downtown Fort Worth. We tried to stay pretty quiet for a few days but then Hunter and I were off again to go to Austin for a river tubing trip. I talked my friend Micah, one of the Marines from Haiti, into driving up from his hometown of Brownsville and we hit Sixth Street for a night and then we all camped at the Guadelupe River and tubed and had a ball. I was so happy to see Micah somewhere besides Haiti! Funny how things like that work out.

Stranger things were soon to happen. That same week, I re-connected with an old friend and boyfriend, Rick. We went out on a date and immediately fell for each other as hard as we had. It had been five years since we had last seen each other and it was great seeing where our lives had taken us in the meantime. We spent a lot of time together during July and August before I had to return to Haiti. At the end of July we had a great birthday bash for Paul in Fort Worth Stockyards and Rick went with me and got to meet lots of my friends. Finally, it was time to leave for Haiti again. I wanted to continue dating Rick but wasn’t sure it was going to work out long distance. And I was looking forward to going back to Haiti- we were getting a new roommate and I would be teaching some new classes. Many of my old friends like Micah were gone but it’s always interesting to see who shows up next in Haiti. And of course, I totally missed Monica and Andy and couldn’t wait to spend time with them again.

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