February 2005 Haiti

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Things have been pretty crazy in Haiti since we returned from Christmas break. My classes are going well, although I am always so busy, trying to prep, teach, and grade so many different subjects and classes. I am also working on a lot of curriculum projects as well.

I spent New Year’s Eve in Texas, mainly with Kris and Mysti- Maverick’s had a black and white “ball”, and the three of us girls got all dressed up and went to that for a couple of hours. It was fun getting dressed up- I wore a white corset with black trim, black pants, and black high heels. Both Kris and Mysti looked fabulous also, so we got some great pictures. Afterwards we all went over to Chris and Mysti’s house for some continued partying there, and met up with friends who had been at other parties earlier.

For Carnival break, Tom, Sue, Christy and I went up to Cape Haitian for a long weekend. We went to the Citadel, and then to a small guesthouse around Labadie Beach called “Norm’s”. Jacqui set the whole trip up for us. It is the same harbor that the cruise ships use when they bring people to Haiti- we tried to sneak into their waterpark, which has bouncy water trampolines, jetskis, and other fun water toys, but no dice. We had a great time, though, relaxing on some little beaches and just walking around the tiny fishing village of Labadie. The Citadel was amazing- just breathtaking views and the walls of the fortress are so tall and straight! And of course, being Haiti, there were no security perimeters around anything, so it was pretty scary walking around the top of those walls! Unfortunately, towards the end of our weekend, Sue started feeling really sick and we wound up having to rush back to the city so she could be admitted to the hospital… and it turned out that she had an ectopic pregnancy (she and Tom had just told us that weekend that she was pregnant), and so she had to have emergency surgery. She is doing much better now, and is looking forward to going back to work and still wants to go to Cuba with us in March.

Things in Haiti are getting pretty scary again….. a group of prisoners broke out of the national prison and have been at large since then. Perhaps related to that, a teacher at school had some people break into her house and they held her and her husband hostage while they ransacked the house for money and weapons. That, and other bad things have been happening, and a lot of people are beefing up their security. Hopefully things will get better soon, and not worse.

Due to Sue’s illness, I went with Marie to help recruit new teachers at a fair in Canada. It was freezing cold there and snowing! Luckily, I got to route my plane through DFW so I could pick up some winter clothes (and see my friends and Guy for one night!). We hired a couple of teachers and I really hope they work out for next year. And it was fascinating for me to see the recruiting fair from the other side of the table. Hopefully those interviewing skills will help me when it comes time for me to look for my next job.

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