January to March, Haiti, 2004

little boy in tiger costume haiti jacmel carnival

We returned to school in January and have had some chaotic weeks since then.  In January, enjoying the nicer cool weather, we did some exploring around Petionville with Desinor, including a local market and a cockfight.  Very interesting.  We also spent a lovely and cold weekend up at the mountain house.

In February, went down to Jacmel for Carnival weekend.  Amazing hikes, waterfalls, food, and of course the carnival itself, a Mardi Grad celebration full of dancers, papier mache, colorful paintings, and more.  The four of us from our house all went down there together, with the help of our travel agent Jacqui, and had a fabulous time.

Also in February, Maluschka and Christy and I went to Turks and Caicos islands for a little fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, while we were there, we got stuck- the Port au Prince airport shut down and the city was surrounded by rebels.  We managed to make our way back to the Dominican Republic, then took the bus back to Haiti.  Tom and Sue left for Santo Domingo, with the help of the Canadian embassy, and a few days later Christy and I flew back to the US, with the help of the American embassy.  I stayed there for about a week, then things seemed calmer back in Haiti, so I returned to work.  In the meantime, the president left the country, so we effectively have no government and the UN has moved in.  Who knows what the next few months will bring?

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